Waimea Valley Website

  • Airship CMS
  • Foundation
  • IG/Calendar Widgets
  • Managed development/Client interactions/Developed alongside my team

CrossCurrentFellowship Hawaii

  • Single Page App
  • JAMstack
  • MD Bootstrap 4
  • Hosted on Netlify

Voice Trainer 2.0

  • VanillaJS & D3.js for visualizations
  • Bower Modules
  • CSS
  • Hosted on Github Pages

Project Hosted on GithubPages
Facial Image Recgonition

  • React frontend with state management
  • Clarifai API for facial recognition component
  • Express API server built on NodeJS (Hosted on Heroku)
  • Full user registration/authentication powered by a PostreSQL server on Heroku

Project Hosted on Heroku
React/Redux Async API call App

  • React/Redux
  • Fetch API
  • Asynchrounous GET Requests
  • Real Time Query Responses

Project Site on GH Pages


Ongoing projects

  • Social Media site built in Angular with FirestoreDB full oAuth integration. Hosted on Firebase

  • Indie GameMaker Language (Javascriptesque)game

  • SideScrolling Javascript OOP RPG
  • Unity VR Martial arts project

My Resume